Oak Park is a residential area with a rich history and a beautiful community. With a suburban feel and access to other amenities in Ventura county, the residents take pride in where they live. For many residents of Oak Park, California, they wouldn’t dream of relocating. Instead, when they outgrow their current home, the residents have the option of home remodeling in Oak Park.

One of the best parts about considering a home remodel in Ventura County is that the homeowner is in control. The choice to add another room, or another story, to an existing house gives Oak Park residents the choice of how to grow their home. Some families choose to add bathrooms or remodel their kitchen while doing home additions. Putting their families first, there are many ways homeowners can modify their homes with the help of Eternity Construction, one of the top home renovation and construction companies in South Bay and Los Angeles County.

Thousand Oaks and Oak Park construction clients can choose from the following services:

Modern and Contemporary Kitchen Remodels
Traditional Kitchen Remodels
Bathroom Remodels and Upgrades
Full Hardwood Flooring Services
Hardwood Flooring

This list is anything but exhaustive. Clients with other projects in mind should be in contact with our contractors to discuss ideas for new projects.

Eternity Construction has been in business for over 25 years, offering home renovation services from our Manhattan Beach-based site. Our company values client satisfaction and quality workmanship above all. By staying within the client budget and securing the best in materials, our construction team
delivers highly-praised results every time.

We take pride in our Oak Park remodeling services. To find inspiration for your next project, take a glance at our portfolio to see some of our past work. If the pictures don’t reflect exactly what you are envisioning, bring your ideas to your consultation so we can provide plans that will make your Oak Park home what you have always dreamed. We are the experts in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and perform renovations in a variety of styles based on European and Californian designs.

If you are ready to make your dream home a reality in Oak Park or Thousand Oaks, contact us for a free estimate. We are one of the most popular general contractors in the Reseda and Encino areas, and we are always available to provide a thorough estimate for a project that will exceed expectations.