Home Remodeling Calabasas

Our homes are important. They are where we spend the majority of our free time, entertain our friends, and build a family. For these reasons, interiors need to be not only functional but also beautiful, capable of inspiring us daily.


With Eternity 2000 home remodeling in Calabasas, you can remodel your kitchen, bathroom flooring, or any other aspect of your home, bringing it up to date and transforming it into your very own kingdom.


Here's how we can help you at Eternity 2000.


Boost Your Quality Of Life


With Eternity 2000, you can take your current drab and dull interiors, lacking in amenities, and upgrade them to something state-of-the-art and bespoke. No longer do you have to live in an inconvenient environment that doesn't meet your needs. With help from Eternity 2000 designers in Calabasas, you can finally achieve the quality of life you've been looking for.


Increase The Value Of Your Property


If you're looking to sell now or in the near future, then a home remodel could be a great strategy. By renovating your home, you can increase its value and make it more appealing to interested buyers. Homes with stunning interiors in Calabasas stand out more than those without.


Feel Happier And More Energized


Don't underestimate the effect that home remodeling in Calabasas could have on the way you feel. Living in well-appointed accommodation boosts your spirits, help you feel more relaxed and energizes you for the rest of the day.


Improve Living Arrangements


Is the configuration of your Calabasas property not to your liking? With a home remodel, you can rearrange the basic layout of your property, making it more suitable for the way you live. Switch up how you organize the space you have and start experiencing benefits today.


How We Do Home Remodeling


3D Modelling


While artists' impressions can be great, at Eternity 2000, we believe in going a step further and performing full 3D modeling of your space, so that you can see what your interiors will look like before any building work begins. You get excellent service and peace of mind.


All Your Questions Answered


Every client's remodeling requirements are different. At Eternity 2000, you get a comprehensive consultation in which you can ask any questions about the remodel and tell us how you'd like it to look. By working together, we can create something truly unique and special that enhances your quality of life.


Full Project Oversight


At Eternity 2000, we believe that it should be the responsibility of the remodeler, not the homeowner, to project manage all the work. We coordinate projects from start to finish for all Calabasas residents, organizing electricians, plumbers, cabinet installers, and many more contractors on your behalf. With us, you can avoid complicated management tasks and organizational headaches.


Choose Eternity 2000 For Home Remodeling In Calabasas Today


If you're looking to get your Calabasas home remodeled, get in touch with us today. You can call on 1-800-941-0555 for a friendly, no-obligation chat about your requirements.

Home Remodeling Oak Park

Have you found that you have become a bit frustrated with your home? Do you no longer enjoy spending as much time in it as you used to? Do you constantly imagine what it would be like if you could make your home more convenient and spacious? If so, it sounds like it is time to make the most of our home remodeling Oak Park-based service. We can help you to fall in love with your home all over again. When it comes to design-build and attention to detail, you will struggle to find better.

Signs it is time to remodel your home

There are a number of different signs that now is the time to remodel your home. This includes the following:


  • You can’t remember the last time you changed the layout and functionality of your property.

  • You are putting your home on the market and you’re looking for ways to boost the value.

  • You never enjoy being in your home anymore; you feel frustrated whenever you come home from work and you cannot relax.

  • You feel like you don’t have any space and it is impossible to keep your home clean.


If any of these signs apply, there is no time like the present to invest in home remodeling and start enjoying the property that you once used to enjoy so much.

Improve your lifestyle

Bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms are meant to be luxurious. They are not supposed to be uncomfortable or mundane. However, as time passes, and we accumulate more things, this can easily happen. An expert remodeling and design service is needed so that you can reconnect with your property. Our kitchen remodeling Oak Park service is especially popular, as so many homeowners have a kitchen that is incredibly frustrating in terms of layout and does not provide them with optimal functionality. This is something that we can change for you. We can also help you to improve your lifestyle through custom home additions, like media centers and hobby rooms, upgrading your kitchen with custom cabinets and flooring, and providing you with room additions, for example, in-law suits and spa-like baths.

Why choose our service?

With many years of experience and a great track record, you can have complete peace of mind when choosing our service. We promise exceptional levels of craftsmanship and creativity every time. All you need to do is look at some of the remodels we have already completed to see that this is the case.

Contact us for Home Remodeling Agoura Hills and Oak Park

If you are interested in having your home remodeled, or you would simply like us to remodel one room in your property, please do not hesitate to give us a call for more information and a free, no-obligation quotation. Not only can our service help to ensure that you enjoy being in your home again, but it could increase the value of it too!

Agoura Hills Room Additions


With residential inventory low and prices high, an Agoura Hills room addition can be the best option for turning your current house into the home of your dreams versus the frustration and cost of entering a competitive real estate market.

Whether you dream is to add on the perfect master suite complete with cedar-lined walk-in closet or to convert your garage into a rental unit to generate a little extra income or house an aging family member, an Agoura Hills room addition, bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation can provide a much better alternative than moving to yet another home to realize these features.

Not only will your home feel like new but you’ll have increased the value and overall beauty of your home while getting the exact features and benefits you had in mind all along.

Agoura Hills home remodeling – including kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, has never been as affordable as it is today. For many homeowners this means the opportunity to complete the kind of renovations they always dreamed of but never thought possible.  And because Eternity 2000, the leader in Agoura Hills home remodeling, coordinates all aspects of work, the process has never been easier.

Eternity 2000 specializes in all aspects of Agoura Hills custom home remodeling especially creating the open floor plans homeowners love. Once completed, your home will look like the new and the add-ons part of the original structure. Your home addition will add value and beauty to your existing house and bring pleasure for years to come.

Our Licensed Addition Contractors in Agoura Hills perform every Home Additions service. Get your free quote today!


Kitchen Remodeling Agoura Hills


The kitchen is quite often the centerpiece of a home. It is definitely the room people seem to notice right away and also the place everyone always seems to wind up in. Think about how many times you have walked into an Open House or even when you just go to visit friends. What is the first room you go to? What is the room that draws you in? The kitchen is definitely the heart of a house.


It is also one of the most versatile spaces in your home. You are in there to prepare meals, grab food or a drink. And depending on how the space is set up, it can be a place to sit and relax, do homework, watch TV or even work on the computer. If you are considering Kitchen Remodeling Agoura Hills, think of it as an empty canvas. It is a space that you can create however you wish.


There are, of course, some practical considerations, like making sure you have enough room for the oven, refrigerator and sink, and deciding on what kind of appliances you desire. You probably want a lot of room to move around in, and definitely enough cabinet and cupboard space to hold all of your culinary supplies, dishes, glasses and cookware. When you begin to dream of doing a remodel and renovations on your house, the kitchen and bathrooms are probably the first rooms that come to mind. And when you are ready to look for that perfect contractor, the first name that should come to mind for Home Remodeling in Agoura Hills is Eternity Construction. Welcome!


There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Home remodeling and renovation increases your home’s value.
  • Remodeling allows you to stay in your beloved house, but just makes things better, gives your more room, and increases your quality of life


Regardless of whether or not you are currently thinking of selling your home, renovating a kitchen is a really smart idea and will make your house stand out from the others. And if you are planning to stay there for a long time, having a fully functional, comfortable and wonderful kitchen will make everyone in the house thrilled.


Here are a few questions to consider before you begin your kitchen remodel:

  • What style of kitchen do you want?
  • What are your absolute must haves? What can you live without?
  • What kind of flooring, cabinets, countertops and appliances do you want?
  • Do you want an island, and if so, what features would you like it to have?


If you know these answers, that is fantastic. If not, that is part of the reason you want to hire the best General Contractor In Agoura Hills. We will help you out with every step, from design to completion.


You can reach us at (800) 941-0555, or just fill out our online estimate form. It’s free and there is no obligation. Let Eternity Construction help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Home Remodeling in Agoura Hills



Agoura Hills is one of the most desirable communities to live in. With easy access to LA, Santa Barbara or Malibu and the Pacific Ocean, you literally have everything you could want at your doorstep. People move out here for a variety of reasons and one of the top things is the amazing school system. It’s a fantastic place to raise a family. 


You may be moving into a new house and into the area for the very first time, or perhaps you have been here for years, but either way this is not a place people want to leave. Therefore it makes sense to have your house exactly as you want it to be. If you are thinking of doing any updates and renovations you want to make sure you hire the best home remodeling company in agoura hills.


The first thing to consider is if you are doing the whole house or starting with one or two rooms at a time. Eternity Construction can help you with any project. Their amazing home remodeling in agoura hills covers:



When you are looking for the top home remodeling contractor you want to make sure you get as much good information as possible. Never hesitate to ask questions and keep track of the answers you get. Making a list and having it handy is a great idea. Here are a few important questions and the answers from Eternity Construction.


How Long Have You Been In Business?

Eternity Construction brings over 25 years of experience to Southern California and has earned a reputation for knowledge, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to our customers' dreams.


Will You Be With The Project From Start To Finish?

Yes. We can handle any type of remodeling project, and are there from conception to completion. Our International experience allows us to combine special European designs with the California lifestyle, and our professional team of architects and designers will put your dreams on paper and then we will make them a practical reality.


Do You Have A Contracting License?

Yes, and you should not work with a company who is not licensed and insured. You can get the number from our website, as it is right under our phone number. Understand that having a license does not necessarily mean quality work. With Eternity Construction we will treat you like family and always respect your project. We start with a 3D computer design and will show you the before and after, and we will guide you through each and every element, including picking appliances, cabinetry and hardware.


You will get all this and more when you hire the very best general contractor in agoura hills. Contact us for a free estimate and to discuss the details of your next project. We are as excited to get started as you are!